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We secure a future for digital supply chains

Asset Performance Management solutions deliver the focus and clarity necessary to achieve the supply chain vision of peak secure performance. We can move you from a reactive state to a proactive state by working with you to develop your strategic plan and to deliver a sophisticated, holistic approach to Asset Performance Management and security in the supply chain or across the enterprise.

comprehensive visibility into supply chain custodians and assets ingested through the Solomon software supply chain helps inform decisions around application security testing (AST). AppSec teams benefit from additional insight into regulatory requirements, secure coding best practices, and the expectations of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Establish end-to-end visibility via IIoT connectivity

Apps created for secure business

DevSecOps can obscure visibility into hidden problems as security is deprioritized in exchange for speed or because of reduced resources.

The intricate nature of software system requires collaborative compliance, and individual custodians in the supply chain may lack the insight or resources to tackle security- related issues independently. Now all links in the supply chain are empowered to monitor security.

Innovative options

Security, Compliance & Component health

provides developers with visibility into risks detected during pipeline scans andextends visibility into remediation recommendations based on prioritized risks. By using this as-a-service, cloud-based AST solution, youcan establish a single source of truth for detected security issues in proprietary code, open source, and third-party artifacts
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Out-of-the-box resources for popular platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Azure DevOps are part of a suite of AST solutions that enable security teams to dictate where and how security tests run automatically
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platform can centralize policies governing multiple types of testing across various pipeline integration points, ensuring consistency and adherence to organizational standards while alleviating the management burden ofAppSec tooling
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ensuring a continuous understanding of the project’s security posture and progress in addressing identified issues. Automate new issue alerts to developers and fix attestations to security teams through bidirectional issue management integrations so that AppSec dashboards always reflect the most current security posture
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Teams can automate supply chain risk testing within workflow pipelines without compromising velocity. And your security teams can proactively manage supply chain risk and focus remediation efforts on what matters most to your organization.
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Our unmatched expertise helps you plan and execute any security initiative. SCA tools identify application dependencies, generate first-party SBOMs, import third-party SBOMs, surface dependency risk, and guide remediation, all within a single user experience. This way, software builders and consumers alike can establish supply chain visibility and take steps to identify and mitigate risk.
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Software Bills of Materials

Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) has classified six specific types of SBOM

Analyzed SBOM

Super clean code

SBOM is created to establish visibility into software created in-house or verify SBOMs provided by vendors or software producers.

Source Code

Free updates & support

SBOMs include open source dependencies, proprietary code, base images, firmware, operating systems, and any third-party libraries an application may need.

Essential tooling

Boundless Automation theme highlights next-generation automation architecture that enables improved data utilization and operating performance

The Solomon System is now live

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